Speedy Spears

Hello! We are a team of indie developers WallRus Group.

We would like to offer you cooperation in the realization of our new project:

Project Description


Speedy Spears is a 2d simulator of the classic knight tournament where knights riding on a horses with spears. Players take on the role of 1 of 2 knights, whose task is to throw the opponent off the horse and not fall yourself. To do this, you need to inflict critical damage to the opponent's armor and this will require you to clash at least twice. In addition to the angle of attack, each player chooses the angle of defense with the shield and the speed of his horse (trot or gallop). The rest depends on luck and a choice of the opponent.


Key features:


  • The setting and the culture of the medieval tournaments 

  • Easy to learn and fun game mechanics 

  • Offline story campaign

  • Customization the equipment of the knight and horse

  • Online multiplayer 

  • Regular online events

  • Multiplatform

  • In-game achievements

  • Original Dungeon synth soundtrack 

Possible features:

  • Different game modes: quick match, big tournament, 2 vs 2 mode

  • Purchase of improved models of an armor and weapons for the "gold" received from the tournament prize

Possible platforms:

Play Multiplatform Demo:

  1. Open Google Drive folder

  2. Select the folder with the device available to you - "PC Windows" or "Mobile Android".

  3. In each of the folders there are instructions for installing the DEMO. 

  4. You will need internet access and 2 devices to play: 
    two PCs or two android devices
    one PC + one android device

Why we believe that our game can be successful


With effective advertising and active promotion, this game has all chance of commercial success, because it is easy to learn, it's fast and exciting, it uses quite original game mechanics and the atmosphere of a medieval tournament - festive and gambling at the same time. Also, the ability to gain new levels and unlock a variety of items will encourage players to play the game, and holding regular online events for the community will help to retain the audience. Cross-platform compatibility will ensure the maximum flow of gamers in multiplayer modes.

Analysis of the competitive environment


There are not so many games dedicated to medieval knight tournaments (up to 10), but with proper promotion, projects with this setting can achieve impressive success, for example: Rival Knights. If we talk in general about fast session dueling games - the topic is quite interesting and also popular, for example: NidhoggTimbermanDuck Game и and so on.


Our offer:


We want to offer you cooperation in the creation and promotion of our "Speedy Spears" game because we believe that your company has enough experience for it.


So we are waiting for your response!


We are open to dialogue on development and cooperation.